How TOP 9 works

Don't start a new year without the summarization of the year 2021! With TOP 9, you can recall your most liked photos from Instagram of 2021 and share these precious memories all together in a single post which will be made out of your chosen number of most liked posts. All of this can be done quickly, thanks to professionally pre-defined templates that are simple to customize in a few taps.


Finish the year in style and impress your followers with a perfectly designed post, with which your memories will last forever. 🥂🎇💫

What can be found in TOP 9

  • 11 various templates - each one with a unique layout and modern design. You can decide which layout you will go for to make the best match for the overall look of your Instagram feed.
  • Layouts consisting out of different numbers of tiles - each tile includes an image of one Instagram post.
  • Further editing features - for even more customization of templates:
  1. Change background color,
  2. Change text,
  3. Change text font,
  4. Change text color.
  • Statistic tailored to each template - containing:
  1. Likes per each post (only if the Instagram profile is public),
  2. A total number of likes gained in 2021 (only if the Instagram profile is public).
  • Special features:
  1. Option to change the order of posts in tiles,
  2. Option to manually replace the uploaded image - of your choice in the selected tile. Upload it directly from Instagram Photos or your devices Photos Library,
  3. Option to change the placement of the image in tile - use Pinch Gesture to move, zoom in or zoom out the image,
  4. Option to change the placement of text sticker and its size - use Pinch Gesture.
  5. Option to switch the text's language to English (available only for users who use a different language than English)

What is each template made out of

  1. Different numbers of tiles - arranged into various layouts,
  2. Text sticker - the text can be changed, edited, or removed,
  3. Tagline - can be removed,
  4. Statistics - can be removed,
  5. Likes per post - can be removed,
  6. TOP 9 Watermark - can be removed with the PRO version.


If you want to get accurate results by TOP 9, make sure your Instagram Account Privacy is set to public. Otherwise, the app will not generate the most liked posts.

How to create and share collage with TOP 9 

  1. Tap on the upper left blue 'Add profile' button, placed just under the grey '@app_toro'.
  2. 'TOP 9 Your Best of 2021' screen opens - enter your Instagram username in the 'username' text field and tap on the bottom 'Continue'.
  3. In case your Instagram Account Privacy is set to private, tap 'OK' to log in -> Accept cookies -> Log In to your Instagram account.
  4. If your Instagram Account Privacy is set to public, you can access the templates by TOP 9 without providing any other information.
  5. It may take up to a few minutes to load all the information and choose the best photos. Keep the app open!
  6. Once the most liked photos of your profile are processed, you will receive a push notification.
  7. You can now access any template with your photos by tapping on the selected layout.
  8. The chosen template opens in full customization. Now, it includes the photos of your most liked posts. You can manually change the photo in each tile by accessing your Instagram Photos or the Device's Library.
  9. You can make more customizations - change background color, change text and its font or color, include likes per posts or statistic, add or remove tagline.
  10. Once you are happy with your TOP 9 collage and are ready to share it with your followers, tap on the top right 'Export' icon and share it directly to your Instagram account. You can share the collage with any installed apps on your device or save it anywhere you wish to.
  11. With the free version of the app, you can export only the first template with the TOP 9 watermark made out of 9 tiles. With the paid PRO version of the app, you can export any template and remove the default watermark.

With TOP 9, let's look back to the past for a while, remind yourself of all the lovely memories that 2021 brought you, and create an unforgettable photo collage keepsake for you and your Instagram followers. 

💫 2022, here we come! 🎉

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