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We are pleased to know you decided to use the app. We hope you will find the use of it without any complications. However, we realize that things don't always go as smoothly as we wish.  

Did you get stuck somewhere? Isn't anything clear to you? Did you come across some technical issue? Do you need help with navigation in the app? Or do you have some questions which you would like to ask? Not a problem! We are here for your assistance 24/7! Don't be afraid to message us with any request, big or small. We are here for everyone without differences!


How to contact our Customer Support Team?

Contacting us has never been easier. You can find the 'Contact Customer Support' section in the settings of the app. Simply fill in your email address and type the text. Try to include as many details as possible, do not hesitate to attach a screenshot as well. This will increase the chance of sorting out your request on the first try. 

We aim to get back to our customers' requests as soon as possible, so please stay reassured we will contact you shortly.


So, is there anything you would like to ask? Don't delay it, and drop us a message right now!

Unable to find an answer?

Looking for anything specific article which resides in general queries? Just browse the various relevant folders and categories and then you will find the desired article.

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