How Spam Call Blocker works

Spam Call Blocker app is based on 3 core features:

1. Verify (free)

2. Block (free)

3. Protect (paid)


How to enable Spam Call Blocker?

Apple does not make it easy to use active protection against spam calls. This is how to enable Spam Call Blocker to protect you.

  1. Go to your iPhone's Settings -> Phone
  2. Go to Call Blocking & Identification. You can find it in the lower section of the screen
  3. Make sure to switch on Spam Blocker v1, v2 and also v3

If you have iOS 13.4, you can tap the button in the app and it will take you directly to step 2 - Blocking & Identification.



This feature allows you to verify whether a specific number is in our spam database. 

  1. Go to screen Verify
  2. Tap the field "Search by Number"
  3. Type in the number you want to verify and tap the button "Search"

If the number IS SPAM, it is marked with a red icon. You can choose to add it to your personal Blocklist so it won't ever bother you again. In other words, if it calls you, your phone won't ring.

If the number IS NOT SPAM, it is marked with a green icon. Unfortunately, no spam database is ever 100% bulletproof because there are thousands of new spam numbers popping up every day. Therefore, even if the app does not identify the number as a spam and you are convinced that it is a spam, you can choose to add it to the Blocklist.

By tapping "Add to my Blocklist" you can select what type of spam it is and you can add a note in case you need to come back to your Blocklist later. You also have an option to share your discovery with us. If the same number is reported by other users over a certain period of time, we will add it to the general spam database.



This feature allows you to create your personal Blocklist. Numbers in the Blocklist won't be able to reach you. Your phone won't ring when they call you.

  1. Go to screen Blocklist
  2. Tap the "Add Number" in the upper right corner
  3. Type in the information and tap the button "Add to Blocklist"
  4. If you want to remove a number from the Blocklist, simply swipe it to the left and tap "Delete"



  1. Make sure you enabled Spam Call Blocker in your iPhone's settings as instructed on the top of this page
  2. If you haven´t purchased the Premium before, choose the subscription by tapping the button "Upgrade"
  3. Confirm the purchase
  4. Wait for the app to sync the database. For this sync, you need an active internet connection. Do not close or minimize the app until it you see a change from "Updating..." marked by the red icon "Out of date" to "Database Updated" marked by a green icon "Up to date".

For maximum protection, make sure your database is always updated. You can also manually force the sync by tapping the button.

After the initial first sync, we STRONGLY recommend not to close the app, just minimize it into the background so that it can keep refreshing the database. Since there are literally thousands of new spam numbers popping up every day, the database may need to be refreshed several times per day to be effective against the new numbers.

On the Protect screen, you can choose from two levels of protection.

IDENTIFY - if a spam number rings you up, Spam Call Blocker will display a warning about an incoming spam call and give you a hint whether it is telemarketing, survey, etc. You can decide to accept the call or decline and eventually block the number.

BLOCK - if a spam number is trying to reach you, Spam Call Blocker won't let it through. In other words, your phone won't even ring and you won't know a number was trying to reach you.


App Toro Team

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