How Font Installer works

Font Installer offers simple and quick installation of fonts that are compatible with other writing apps which support font customization so you can use them freely across your device. You can also export all your installed fonts and use them on all of your iPhone and iPad devices.

Swap the classic font for a new one and add to your piece of writing a unique look that will make your piece of text stand out and impress others.


What can be found in Font Installer

Font Installer is filled with over 1000 font families. Each font family contains different amounts of font styles.

Font Installer has nothing to hide therefore we share all the information about all of the fonts including the name of the author, license details, and much more.

If you would like to install more than one font at the same time, use our Bulk installing feature which will save some of your valuable time. Simply select all the fonts which you like and install them all at once. 



All the fonts are compatible with the following apps:

  • Keynote 
  • Pages
  • Numbers
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Notability
  • Grideo
  • Babio
  • Procreate
  • Bazaart
  • Lift
  • Unfold
  • Notes Plus
  • Drafts
  • GoodNotes
  • and many other apps where it is possible to import and use external fonts 


How to navigate in Font Installer

Looking for your desired font has never been easier with the use of our handy Filter feature (black filter icon). It filters the fonts into 5 different categories and 26 subsets, so you can find your ideal font much faster. 

To make sure the newly found font is the right one for you, use the Preview feature to see how the font matches your piece of writing. Please note, it will take a couple of seconds till the font is ready to be tested.


How to install fonts with Font Installer

  1. Scroll through the fonts offer in the bottom "Fonts" section. If you find the one which suits your needs, don't forget to firstly test it in the preview screen to make sure it is the one which fits you the best.
  2. Select the font and simply tap on the black "Install" screen, then tap on ''Install'' again.
  3. When the "Install Fonts?" screen pops out, confirm it by pressing ''Instal''.
  4. Your new selected font has been successfully installed and is ready to be fully used. You can tell this by checking the green word ''Installed'' next to the font.
  5. Before you head to use your newly installed fonts in other apps, firstly close your desired app completely and reopen it again.
  6. Once you are in the other app, look for a paintbrush icon or text editing icon where you can choose the font. Look around a bit for the desired font. Tap the box with the font name.
  7. Everything is set up and ready to use!

The whole installation and setup process is perfectly and briefly described also in the app, you can find it in the bottom "Tutorial" section. 


How to export installed fonts

All the installed fonts can be easily exported and used across your devices.

  1. Simply tap open the selected installed font.
  2. Tap on the top right '...' icon located just next to 'About Font'.
  3. Choose where you want the font to be exported.



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