How Fancy Fonts works

Fancy Fonts offers quick and simple customization of fonts, but also of your device’s system keyboard. It is an easy but effective way of impressing your friends by swapping the classic boring font for a unique and catchy new one. With its main purpose of bringing custom fonts across your iPhone and iPad device, it is not only a perfect tool for brightening up your social media account but it also gives you some more personalization touches.


What can be found in Fancy Fonts

  • Huge amount of stylish custom fonts to make your writing stand out ⒻⒶⓃⒸⓎ 𝓕𝓸𝓷𝓽𝓼
  • Great variety of must-have symbols ❀ ♡︎ ❣︎ ☺︎︎ ♔ ☮︎︎
  • Funny and unique text emojis ◔ ◡ ◔)/  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
  • Customizable keyboard in 16 different styles and color themes



Fancy Fonts are compatible with the following apps:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • Messenger
  • Messages
  • Pages
  • Mail
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Keynote
  • and many other apps


How to use Fancy Fonts

Setting up process has been absolutely simplified for all users. It is also briefly described in the app and it will lead you through the whole setup process. 

If you are going to follow these instructions, you can barely get something missed up: 

  1. Open the app and head to the bottom ‘’Tutorial’’ section. This section tells you how to enable an awesome keyboard in your device’s settings in 5 simple steps.
  2. Tap the bottom ‘’Set up now’’ screen. This will lead you to your device’s settings. 
  3. Tap on the ‘’Keyboards’’ section and turn on ‘’👉 Fancy Fonts’’.
  4. Come back to the Fancy Fonts app.
  5. In the bottom ‘’Keyboard’’ section, tap on the upper ‘’Type to see fonts’’ text field.
  6. Your system keyboard pops out. Tap and hold the bottom left "Globe" icon and select ‘’👉 Fancy Fonts’’. Your custom fonts are ready to be used.
  7. Scroll through the list of fonts, symbols and text emojis and select the one which you like.
  8. Go to the other app and start typing with your new keyboard.
  9. For some more personalization, head to the bottom ‘’Styles’’ section. You will find here all the available keyboards so select the one which you fancy the most.


Why to use Fancy Fonts

Fancy Fonts is an unbelievably powerful tool for brightening up your social media account. Try to use these custom fonts for writing a unique and original Instagram bio, let your stories and posts shine with stunning writing, amaze your friends when texting them or swap the classic boring font when writing an email or even when creating a presentation. Fancy Fonts offer all of this and even more.



App Toro Team

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