How Custom Widget works

Customization of your home screen has never been easier than now. With a help of Custom Widget, you can create unlimited combinations of widgets for unique look of your iPhone or iPad device’s home screen. Widgets by Custom Widget are easy to design and improve the effectiveness of every user’s screen. 


What can be found in Custom Widget

Custom Widget is filled with a huge amount of pre-defined widgets which can still be customized and turned into your own desired designs in a few taps.

If you prefer to design your own custom widget, you can completely adjust each component based on your expectations.

Each widget comes in three different sizes so choose the one which suits your home screen look the best or if you prefer, you can use all three available sizes at the same time as long as the design stays the same.

All the adjustments can be easily done with a help of Custom Widget’s handy ''Editor''

Main components and functions of Custom Widget’s Editor

The Editor of Custom Widget is made out of five main adjustable components which create a body of each widget. It is just up to you which component will be used and what it will look like.

The components are following:

  1. Time - you can change the font, change color and adjust visibility
  2. Date - you can change the font, change color and adjust visibility
  3. Day - you can change the font, change color and adjust visibility
  4. Battery - you can change the font, change color and adjust visibility but also change the background color
  5. Background - you can change the color of the background, use your own favorite photo or choose image from Unsplash which offers millions of free images

Custom Widget offers a huge amount of unique fonts, a wide range of colors and different levels of visibility to choose from. It is only up to you what you are going to choose so unwind your creativity and become the master of your home screen. Mix and match and have fun. 


Secret Tip! 

Would you like to hide some components on your widget? Not a problem. Simply open the editor and select the component which you don’t want to be displayed on your widget. Tap on ''Color & Visibility'' and move the transparency cursor on the line as much to the right as you can. This will make the chosen component disappear.

How to create and setup widget with Custom Widget

  1. Open the app and head to the bottom ''Widgets'' section, which is opened by default.
  2. Scroll through the offer of widgets and choose the one which you want to custom. If you can’t find the one which you like, don’t worry. You will be able to modify every part of the widget so simply tap on one of the widgets.
  3. The chosen widget opens in ''Editor''
  4. In the bottom ''Adjust the widget'' section, you can make any customizations. 
  5. Once you open the component and finish any adjustments, tap on ''Done'' in the right corner.
  6. If you are satisfied with the look of your designed widget, scroll down to see how the widget looks like in all three available sizes.
  7. Tap on the top right corner ''Set Widget''. Tutorial pops out, so follow the remaining steps.
  8. Go to your home screen and long press anywhere on empty space to enter the ''jiggle mode''
  9. Tap ''+'' in the top left or right corner of the screen.
  10. Keep scrolling down until you find ''Custom Widget''. Tap on it.
  11. The screen with your newly designed widget pops out. Swipe to the right to choose your desired size and tap on the bottom ''+ Add Widget''.
  12. Your new Custom Widget is all set up and ready to brighten up your home screen.


Why to use Custom Widget

Custom Widget will give your home screen a whole new look. Say goodbye to a boring screen and personalize it into every little detail. Widgets by Custom Widget are reconnected with functionality and unique custom-made designs.


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